People’s Pantry Rules

• Membership entitles you to one visit per week
• Membership is restricted to one per household; proof you live there must be provided e.g. utility bill
• Membership is £5 per visit.
• The People’s Pantry reserves the right to cancel or refuse your membership. Examples include
• If you do not use the Pantry over a period
• You move away from the area.
• You are found to be abusive towards the Pantry’s volunteers or other members
• If it is proven that you have sold any Pantry items on to a third party
• If attempt is made to take more food than you are entitled to without approval.
• If membership is cancelled you can reapply but may be placed on a waiting list.
• Memberships are reviewed every 3 months
• Membership is for local residents who meet the criteria and live in the catchment area of the Pantry

Using the pantry
• Members must give their membership number and payment to the Pantry staff signing you in.
• To comply with food safety regulations stipulated by the pantry’s suppliers you must bring and use the provided freezer bags. Failure to do so will prevent you from accessing your weekly Pantry shop.
• Members must also provide an up-to-date temperature reading from their fridge and freezer (using the provided thermometers). For food to be supplied fridges must read a temperature of between 2C to 4C and freezers must measure between -18C to -23C
• Items available will vary from week to week due to availability from our suppliers.
• To ensure that members get a fair share of the stock available, we may limit some to allow for one per customer.
• There is no guaranteed availability of any item week to week

Food information
• It is the responsibility of Pantry members to ensure they check food ingredients for any intolerances or allergies they may have towards food products.
• The People’s Pantry may receive some food products that come without labelling, in these cases the Pantry will try to the best of their ability to provide a list of ingredients on a separate ingredients sheet.
• The People’s Pantry may stock items which have passed their BEST BEFORE date. Best Before dates are about quality, not safety. When this date has passed, it doesn’t mean that the food will be harmful, but it might begin to lose its flavour or texture.
• If we have fresh chilled food in stock which reaches its USE BY date, we will freeze it down IF IT IS SUITABLE FOR HOME FREEZING. We will clearly label the product with the date it was frozen on and recommend a date within a month by which it will need to be used.