Meet The Team

Lewis Rickman

Lewis Rickman – Assistant project worker.

Like Bryce, Lewis is a former youth club member. He now works for us as a casual staff member. He is currently completing his college education and hopes to take up a career in the sports industry. As a qualified level 2 Personal Trainer, Lewis conducts all our gym inductions for us.

Meet The Team

Chris Yeates

Chris Yeates – Volunteer.

Chris has worked on the estate for a number of years in her former role of administrative officer at the Somerford Children’s Centre. When Chris retired from the Local Authority in 2018, she joined us to offer her skills as a volunteer. Chris now assists with some of the administration tasks and helps in The Pantry.

Meet The Team

Carol Grimes

Carol Grimes – Volunteer.

Carol joined us in 2019 and volunteers in the Pantry. She is a local resident in the Somerford area.

Meet The Team

Ivana Donniselli

Ivana Donniselli – Administration Officer.

Ivana joined us in 2019 having held several office administrative posts previously.

Meet The Team

Tina Pinwill

Tina Pinwill - Senior project worker.

Tina started to volunteer for CAYP in 2010 after both her sons had been part of the activities we provide. She is now a paid member of our staff team.

Meet The Team

Jae Harris

Jae Harris - Manager.

Jae started working in Somerford in 2003. He first started in Youth Work at the age of 18 when he volunteered on different projects for deprived and disadvantaged children and young people. He set up CAYP in 2006 and has worked in the community ever since. He is a qualified Level 3 Youth Worker and a qualified Probation Officer. He has 2 degrees (Sociology and Community Justice) and was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2020 for his services to the community.

Our Objectives

Young People

Young people

If you are a young person and you are finding life difficult at the moment, again, get in touch with us and we can try and get you help or help you ourselves if it is within our skillset to do so.

You can contact us in confidence.

Parents / Carers

If you are a parent / carer and you have a young person who is experiencing challenging circumstances and have been unable to get help for them.

Please contact us to see if we may be able to help.

Professionals / Agencies

If you are a professional or an external agency and want to enquire about our costs for emotional or mental health support for young [people or wish to make a referral then please click this link to contact us.

Our Objectives

What We Do

At the centre we run a youth clubs and youth activities. We have a gym which our older youth club members can use but is also open to the community to use.

We run a community food project called The People’s Pantry and is a low-cost service for families who are experiencing food poverty.

We also run other services for young people such as mentoring and mental health support and we have rooms at the centre that are available for lettings.

We are a small independent non-government funded organisation. The majority of our funding comes through applications that are successful that we submit to funding organisations. This process of funding is a constant one as every aspect of our work need funding from somewhere.

Learn More About Our Objectives and Aims

We are registered with the Charities Commission and our charity registration number is 1167135